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Celebrate BC Seafood In The Comox Valley

Cassandra Anderton – Good Life Vancouver

April 30, 2019

Michael and I love heading over to the Island to get a family visit in with his Mom and Dad and inevitably end up getting our fair share of seafood on our journey; but is there ever enough? If we time it right, however, we can make sure we certainly get a ton of oysters, if nothing else, by hitting up the BC Seafood Festival in June.

When I first started going to this seafood festival, maybe a decade ago or so, there was just a few events, and it has now blossomed into a full two weeks of non-stop oyster shucking, cooking demos and seafood feasts. Last year we caught a few of the events and wished we’d planned ahead and bought tickets for more, but they sold out so quickly.

We were lucky enough to be testing out the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, on our road trip one of the best vehicles we’ve driven as it had all sorts of room for all our luggage, drove like a dream and only needed one tank of gas the whole time as we could charge it up electrically.

Michael and I stayed at the Kingfisher Resort and Spa, always a treat, and as our friend Dawn Schultz was the Food and Beverage Manager last year, we made sure we had time in a visit, sip a few of the cocktails, trysome appies and also had breakfast at the resort in the morning. She’s since moved to Locals in Courtenay, another spot we love to frequent.

Aqua, at the Kingfisher, is a gorgeous oceanside spot to dine at, and if you have time you should check into the spa and try the Hydropath walk through hot and cold baths and caves; very special.

We got there on Friday, just in time to catch the kick off, a Happy Hour Oyster Feast that showcases BC oysters, and where you can meet Shucker Paddy, a Guinness Book of World Record oyster shucker. This year Shucked! will be held Friday, June 14, 3:30 – 6:00 pm with oyster producers to be announced.

The next day we returned to watch the chef competitions, demos and oyster shucking contest, and got dancing to the Abba cover band before we had to call it a day!

This year’s BC SEAFOOD FESTIVAL is JUNE 7 – 16, 2019 and includes:

Shucked! Oyster Bar Happy Hour
Baked N’ Boiled Kitchen Party
Ceviche MasterClass 
Bounty! Seafood Brunch Cookout




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