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Learn and advance with Excel at BC Seafood Expo

May 21, 2018

Excel Career College’s aquaculture expert to host five workshops at BC Seafood Expo 2018

So you want to know more about the science of aquaculture.

Perhaps you are interested in the secrets of the seafood industry like salmonid psychology and behavior.

Or maybe you are exploring a career in BC’s sustainable seafood farming industry.

Whatever the case may be, make a beeline to the presentations by Lesley Chapman, who is bringing her decade-long experience in the aquaculture industry to this year’s edition of The BC Seafood Expo.

Chapman, a passionate environmentalist, is the program coordinator and instructor of the Aquaculture Technician Diploma Program at Vancouver Island’s Excel Career College.

When not sailing, fishing and volunteering in the community, Chapman (pictured) shares her knowledge about marine finfish production, land-based recirculating aquaculture and farming systems, with students at Excel Career College.

The skilled communicator and accomplished writer will be presenting the following sessions hosted by Excel Career College at the Seafood Expo 2018;

Biology Lifecycle Workshop

Explore the life cycle and anatomy of salmonids. Stages of development from egg to adult will be investigated, the smoltification process described, and the adult stat leading to spawning discussed.

Sustainability Fisheries Workshop

Explore the influence of environmental and aquaculture conditions on the performance of fish, as well as the procedures required to maintain healthy fish. Industry and regulatory protocols are introduced.

Water Quality Sampling Workshop

Learn water quality monitoring procedures, as well as explore basic salmonid psychology and behavior while learning to identify fish health issues.

Knot Tying, Netting Oyster/Mussel Bags Workshop

This course examines the operation of a marine cage site including basic rigging of the anchoring systems, cages, nets, and weights.

Vessel Maintenance Troubleshooting Workshop

Learn a set of approved job-site related safety courses and related certifications.

The Canadian aquaculture sector is valued at $5.16 Billion and employs 25,000 full time workers

Aquaculture who generate $1.16 billion in labour income.

About Excel Career College

Excel Career College was founded in 1989 with an adventurous spirit and a focus on employment-based training. Excel’s programs are developed in direct response to the current and future job market.  Through research, community networking and continuous assessment and evaluation of its programs, Excel develops curriculum to bridge the employment needs of students and businesses in the communities it serves. (

About the BC Seafood Expo

The Expo features over 50 Trade Show exhibitors, leading speakers in their fields and provides a venue to network with industry leaders, international buyers, distributors, and educators for every type of fish, seafood, and seafood related products and services. (

The 2018 keynote speakers include; entrepreneur, lawyer and best-selling author, Calvin Helin and president of the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, Linda Cornish. Attendees can indulge in the two networking lunches as well as the International Buyers Reception, which features top domestic chefs, the best of BC seafood, and a delegation of 30+ international seafood buyers, all taking place within the Expo trade show area.



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