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Recap: 2017’s BC Shellfish and Seafood Fest – ‘O’Fishally’ the Best Foodie Event of the Season

Paul Davidescu & Mallory Tapp – Tangoo

June 29, 2017

Whether or not you had a chance to visit Western Canada’s largest seafood festival this past week, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you a quick refresher on all the shuck-tastic sights, sounds and smells emanating from the Comox Valley for the wrap-up weekend of June 17th-18th.

If you’re a person who generally enjoys, or would like to enjoy spending an ENTIRE WEEK drinking copious amounts of wine, meeting the chefs behind some of the top seafood restaurants in BC, sampling smoked oysters by the seaside, (and even getting rare local tours to find out where those oysters are coming from), this post is dedicated to you and everything you stand for.

What follows is a glimpse into some of the amazing highlights our team experienced at the biggest, baddest BC Shellfish and Seafood Festival to date.


Have you visited the Comox Valley? This bounteous land is comprised of an entire region, located on the east coast of Vancouver island — this includes the city of Courtenay, the town of Comox, and the village of Cumberland. The valley is responsible for developing over 50% of BC’s shellfish. It also plays host to over 400 fish farmers responsible for harvesting a whopping 100 DIFFERENT SEAFOOD SPECIES. It’s like Disney World for salmon, shellfish, and anything else you seafood-loving foodies can imagine.


Naturally, Canada’s largest shellfish and seafood fest had tasting events galore. Tourists, industry leaders, bloggers and media representatives were treated to multiple large scale tasting events like the “Chef’s Shellfish Showdown” at 40 Knots Winery and the “Salmon Capital Seafood Taste” in Campbell River, among others. On every occasion, visitors were treated to multiple courses specially prepared by nationally renowned chefs (and more wine of course).


Wrapping everything up, the whole seafood-filled shuck-fest was tied together with amazing local tours of the area, where guests had the chance to visit fresh seafood farms, like BC’s Salmon Farmers Association and Fisherman’s Wharf, or go on boat tours with Pacific Pro Dive & Marine to get a rare glimpse of land and sea creatures, including dolphins, sea lions and even grizzly bears!


At this point, we think it’s probably best you book off work for 2018’s Shellfish and Seafood Fest…

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